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Sole distributor of DIAM closures in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

100% New Zealand owned and operated 

Established July 2004 to supply the New Zealand Wine Industry with a technically superior cork-based closure.

October 2007 jointly owned and operated by Vinko Rakich and Susie Drummond. Vinko is one of the founding directors of the company. He is well known and respected throughout the wine industry with twenty years industry experience.

Winemakers strive to craft a wine that expresses the natural flavours and aromas of the grape. The patented DIAMANT supercritical CO2 process delivers a consistently neutral, TCA-free cork-based closure that protects the winemaker’s vision. A choice of permeabilities provides the winemaker options for managed evolution of wine allowing a wine’s fruit flavours and identity to develop as intended.

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Newpro Packaging Ltd
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Vinko Rakich
email: vinko@newpro.co.nz

Susie Drummond 
email: susie@newpro.co.nz